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Enrichment & Engagement

The ‘Enrichment & Engagement’ strand of our Pathways programme is an inclusive system that allows every Farlington Sixth Form student to be involved in an enrichment activity, whether it is outdoors or indoors; practical, intellectual or unusual. As such, we offer a range of extra-curricular activities designed to extend and broaden the experience of our students.

Enrichment & Engagement: Intellectual

Enrichment & Engagement: Intellectual

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) The EPQ is a standalone AS-Level designed to build upon and develop your skills in independent research and project management. The EPQ allows you to extend your abilities beyond the A-Level syllabus and prepare for university and your future career. An increasing number of universities are including the EPQ in their offers to students. During the EPQ, you will be taught basic research skills including time management, risk assessment, questionnaires and referencing. You will then have to research your chosen area to produce an artefact or a dissertation-style essay.


The Criminology course is designed to investigate aspects of crime from a social perspective: the causes of crime, its social impact, and the individuals committing these acts. Currently this is not delivered to Level 3 qualification standard, but as an enrichment course only. However, with sufficient interest, the Level 3 qualification standard could be considered at a future date.

Academic Support

Specialist teachers in all subjects operate an ‘open door’ policy for extra support and clinics, should this be needed.


Being part of the Bellevue Education group provides students with many inter-school opportunities. For example, during the Spring Term 2023, Farlington Sixth Form students took part in a group-wide debating competition at Ealing College, and it was with great satisfaction that we brought home the cup!

Chess Club

This very popular club has really taken off in recent years, across the whole of the Senior School and Farlington Sixth Form, with a number of exciting tournaments for our chess enthusiasts to take part in each year.

Enrichment & Engagement

Enrichment & Engagement: Artistic & Sporting


The opportunities for students with an interest in the creative arts are plentiful and accessible for all. From becoming involved with wider-school productions and concerts – both performing and supporting younger students – to individual qualifications such as LAMDA and Trinity Music Awards, there is much for students to get their teeth into. This is coupled with an outstanding Fine Art department and a new Design & Technology suite, both of which offer a more hands-on experience.


The sporting provision at Farlington Sixth Form offers a comprehensive programme for those who love to compete in teams, as well as those who prefer a more individual approach to their physical activity.

Sporting options include:

• Core sports: football, hockey, netball, cricket and athletics – with weekly fixtures
• Additional sports: tennis, basketball, badminton, touch rugby and more
• Extra-curricular activities: fencing, tennis academy, dance (ballet, lyrical,
street, modern, tap), judo and more

Enrichment & Engagement

Enrichment & Engagement: Leadership

Opportunities for the development of leadership skills is a key element of our Pathways programme. Being able to illustrate independence as well as taking responsibility for larger projects – and seeing them through to completion – is a skill much in demand in the workforce.

As such, Farlington Sixth Form offers a comprehensive range of areas in which students can explore and hone their leadership abilities. These include roles such as House Captains, Prefects, Head Students, Head Boarders, Student Council Reps and FLIC Magazine Editor, as well as roles in peer mentoring and charity development.

FLIC Magazine

In December 2022, our first ever student-led magazine, FLIC (Farlington Life in Colour), was launched, with Year 13 pupil and Senior Prefect Alexandra at the helm. “Nowadays fewer and fewer young people appreciate slow and mindful reading, and instead scroll endlessly through digital forms of media,” she says. “That’s why I wanted to create a printed magazine that was made ‘by students, for students’.” Taking time out from her A-Level studies to gather a team of budding journalists, writers and photographers from amongst her fellow students, Editor-in-Chief Alexandra set about making her dream happen, and FLIC was born. “This magazine brings together pupils of different ages and year groups, promoting our strong Farlington community,” says Alexandra, who together with the FLIC team has since produced two successful issues.

Student Council

We have a very active Student Council, which provides a real opportunity for students to help shape their own experience at Farlington Sixth Form. The Student Council represents student voice across all sections of the school – the Lower, Middle and Senior Schools, and Farlington Sixth Form – and meets at least once every half term, allowing students to give feedback to the Senior Management Team on all aspects of Farlington life.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

All Farlington Sixth Form students have the opportunity to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s  Award, which encourages them to learn a skill, volunteer within the local community, and plan and complete an expedition.

Enrichment & Engagement

Enrichment & Engagement: Social

Farlington Sixth Form students enjoy a range of social events throughout the year. From the Sixth Form Welcome Dinner at the start of the Autumn Term to the student-organised Christmas Quiz and the Summer Gala Evening, we encourage students, parents and staff to come together and celebrate being part of the wider Farlington community.


At Farlington, we have a small but friendly boarding community, made up of both local and overseas students. Full, weekly and flexi-boarding options are available. Boarders enjoy varied evening activities including sports, social activities, and music and performing arts opportunities, as well as weekend trips. 

For many students, boarding is a valuable stepping stone to university life and living away from home. Our boarders develop greater independence and gain critical life skills, such as preparing food and managing laundry.

Overseas Trips

Recent overseas trips have included Munich and the Battlefields of France and Belgium, as well as a week’s skiing in Italy in March 2023, and we are delighted that we have a trip to New York scheduled for March 2024. These wonderful trips create shared experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Enrichment & Engagement