Boarding at Farlington is as flexible as it is fun, with a range of contemporary boarding options on offer to meet the needs of our families.  Boarding is an integral part of Farlington life, and there is a great sense of community amongst the students who make the school their home, be they full, weekly or "part time" boarders

Whilst most of our boarders board on a full-time basis, returning home during school holidays and exeat weekends, we recognise how useful flexible boarding options can be for parents juggling busy working lives.  Weekly boarding is a popular option for those who live further away from school, and we also offer flexible or occasional boarding for those who would like to break up the travelling during the week, or who have after school commitments at school.

Day pupils may also request to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis by special arrangement but this is always subject to space being available.




Full boarders have a dedicated bed space and personal storage space in either Fishponds Blake (boys) or Mansion House (girls). 

The fee includes all meals, overnight accommodation, 24-hour care by residential house staff, health care and laundry.


Weekly boarders are allocated a dedicated bed space and personal storage space in Fishponds (boys), or Mansion House (girls). 

Weekly boarding includes overnight stays from Sunday to Friday. Pupils may leave after school commitments on Friday afternoon and may return on Sunday evening or Monday morning. 


Pupils can choose to board for one, two or three nights per week throughout the year.

This option suits those who may have regular after school commitments, such as sport or a co-curricular activity, and is also also an excellent way for pupils to "test the water" before moving to weekly or full boarding. With this option, pupils will be allocated a bed on the nights they board, but will not have a permanent claim on the space.


Farlington also offers a "sleepover" option whereby day pupils may also request to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis by special arrangement.  This is always subject to space being available.  

This option is convenient for example if your child has a school trip which is due to return late at night. In these circumstances, it may be possible to arrange to board on a one off basis by arrangement with the Housemistress or Houseparent. 

Where possible a week’s notice should be given to ensure adequate planning of room and bed allocations. We recognise that this may not always be possible and we will always try to accommodate your requests. Parents should also keep us informed of any change of plan with regard to staying overnight.


Where space is available, the school can welcome international students for short term (minimum four week stay) for immersion stays into Years 6,7,8,9,10 and 12.  Please contact Louise Mursell, Head of Admissions, for more information.