Senior School (1)


The Senior School is welcoming and down-to-earth; pupils are free to be themselves, to explore their talents and skills, and develop their love of learning. Your son or daughter will soon be busy making new friends and discovering subjects that stretch their imagination.

Our core pastoral values of integrity, endeavour, compassion, resilience and contribution are at the heart of daily life and create a happy, purposeful environment.


Early Birds Club 8.00am-8.25am For students in Reception to Year 4
Registration 8.25am-8.45am There may be an assembly here
Lesson 1 8.45am-9.30am  
Lesson 2 9.30am-10.15am  
Lesson 3 10.35am-11.20am  
Lesson 4 11.20am-12.05pm  
Lesson 5a or Lunch 12.05pm-12.50pm Younger students go to lunch first
Lesson 5b or Lunch 12.50pm-1.35pm  
Activity Time 1.35pm-2.05pm For all students
Lesson 6 2.05pm-2.50pm  
Lesson 7 2.50pm-3.35pm Reception to Year 2 finish lessons here
Lesson 8 3.35pm-4.20pm Years 3 to 13 finish lessons here
Deregistration 4.20pm-4.30pm Students may leave after this if they wish
Tea 4.30pm-4.45pm Optional if staying for activities
Afternoon Activities 4.45pm-5.30pm Optional
Buses leave 5.35pm  


Please note that Lesson 5b and Activity Time will usually be the other way around for Lower School students, as they will be the first to eat lunch and will need some playtime afterwards.


Nothing is off limits at Farlington!

Learning that takes place beyond the classroom is as valuable to young people's development as that which takes place in the classroom, and Farlington offers a wider range of extra-curricular opportunities than many far bigger schools.  And students are always invited to suggest - and even run - new clubs.

Current clubs and activities include, but are not restricted to:

Choirs For All Ages
Singing Club
Junior Choir
Senior Show Choir
Senior Chamber Choir

Instrumental Groups
Flute Choir
Guitar Ensemble
Jazz Groups
Recorder Consorts
Rock Band
String Ensemble
Ukulele Group
World Drumming

Individual Music Lessons
Aural & Theory / Baby Cello / Cello / Clarinet / Double Bass / Drums / Euphonium / Flute / Guitar / Lower Brass / Oboe / Piano / Recorder / Saxophone / Singing / Trumpet / Viola / Violin 

Concert & Training Orchestra

Drama Club
Speech & Drama

Fitness / Horse Riding (off-site) / Judo / Outdoor Adventure / Table Tennis / Tennis / Trampolining

Team Sports
Athletics / Cricket / Cross Country / Football / Hockey / Horse Riding (off-site) / Netball / Rounders / Swimming / Tennis / Volleyball

Additional Clubs
Art / Ballet / Charity Fundraising / Chess / Cookery / Debating Society / French / Gardening / German / IT / Lego / Mandarin / Science / STEM / Textiles / Yoga 

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Pupil voice is important throughout the school, and Farlington students are encouraged to be part of our School Council, which is made up of pupils from Reception right up to Year 13.

The School Council enables students to contribute their ideas about how to ensure that the school offers the best possible environment for young people. We invite opinion on all matters pertaining to school life, from the range of clubs on offer to the catering provision; from the books available in the Library to the decoration of the Boarding House.

School Council elections take place termly, and meetings are organised on a regular basis.


Throughout their time at Farlington, pupils will be offered numerous opportunities to travel far and wide, from local trips for our youngest pupils, to expeditions around the world for our older students.  

These day and overnight trips underline the school's belief that relevant and enriching trips complement and benefit classroom learning.

Some Farlington trips are directly linked to the curriculum - such as History trips to the battlefields of Belgium and Northern France; Art History trips to Florence; and Drama and Psychology trips to New York - whilst others enable our pupils to put classroom language learning into practice in France, Germany or Spain.

Some of our trips are linked to examination preparation, for example a day trip to Science Live, whilst others are designed to facilitate bonding between new pupils.

For the more adventurous we run an annual ski trip, and there are expeditions which provide life-enhancing and transformative experiences in places as far flung as Zambia, Borneo.... and the Isle of Wight!