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Over the next three years, we will be focusing and reporting back on the following three areas which are aligned with our Mission and will support us in bringing our vision to life

A Diverse and Inclusive Curriculum

Following the move to co-education, we will develop the curriculum to ensure its inclusivity and diversity meets the needs and interests of all pupils, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion. We will review and enhance the extra-curricular provision to promote a well-rounded education and provide opportunities for all pupils to succeed.

Our Parent Partnership

We will encourage and maintain a strong relationship between the school, parent and pupil body as the school builds for the future.  Strong partnerships between home and school are essential for the success of the individual child.  We will increase opportunities for regular and effective communication at all levels. 

A School for the Future

We will strive to ensure that every element of school life for pupils, staff and parents exceeds expectations and enhances the Farlington experience for all. Being part of a dynamic international network of learning organisations and sharing best practice will benefit everyone. There will be updates to technology provision across the school. Every pupil will be ready for their future in the modern world.