On my own first visit, I was struck by the considerable heart that Farlington possesses, and by its warmth and welcome. 

I became Farlington's first appointed Headmaster in September 2021, a hugely exciting moment in the school's history as we celebrated becoming fully co-educational in what was our 125th anniversary year. 

Farlington has always been a very special community and possessing of a strong set of values that underpin our ethos. Our students are bright, witty, engaging and charming, and our staff work tirelessly to make a positive difference in guiding and supporting them to choose their own path, reflective of their interests and talents. By the time they leave us, our students are independent, grounded and rounded young people, able to confidently make their own way in life. People and relationships are what Farlington is all about!

We strive to help our students develop confidence and self-belief, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our core values constantly seek to develop IndividualityOpportunity, and Community. Individuality is about finding, recognising, and celebrating each student’s voice. Our constant aim is to enable opportunities for our pupils to learn across our full and extensive curriculum, whilst each member of the school is recognised as a valued and valuable member of our community.

Friendships are forged for life, and our emphasis is on promoting respect for others, celebrating teamwork, and developing collective responsibility. Our size means that every pupil is known, and their voice is heard and respected. Older students play a positive role in supporting younger ones, and as a true ‘through school’ and nursery – educating children from 6 months to 18 years on the same site – we provide a caring and cohesive community. 

At Farlington, we encourage our students to be ambitious for themselves in all that they do, to take risks, to challenge themselves, and – importantly – to challenge and support one another. 

Pastoral care and wellbeing are at the heart of a Farlington education, as is the importance of having fun, and we passionately believe that happiness enables success.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to read about Farlington and, I hope, gain a flavour of all that we have to offer. I would encourage you to visit us to see for yourself what makes Farlington such a unique place. I could see immediately that Farlington is a family school in the truest sense, and I am sure that you will feel the same when you visit.

James Passam 


To arrange a tour of our nursery or school, please contact Becky Stevens in our Admissions Team, by telephone on 01403 282573 or by email: admissions@farlingtonschool.com.

What our parents say

"On every level, Farlington exceeds my expectations, and I am delighted to have two children attending the school"
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"The passion of the teachers shines through"
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"We continue to be overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of everyone working at Farlington School"
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"Farlington's response to the crisis has been outstanding. I don't feel that my daughter has lost out in any way, which is brilliant"
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"We are delighted that our son is registered to start with you next September – the tour has only solidified our decision"
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"Our son is thriving at Farlington. For us, the move has been positive in every way"
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"My daughter enjoys her life as a boarder at Farlington so much!"
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"There is an obvious sense of community at Farlington, within which individual children are encouraged and valued."
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"I think my son's educational progress since the start of term has been brilliant. He is gaining in confidence all the time."
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"Farlington has excellent teaching and support staff, the pastoral care is excellent, and my child feels valued."
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/ 10