Our Vision

‘Live life to the full – become the best version of yourself’

Our pupils are encouraged to live life to the full, making the most of the broad opportunities offered at Farlington, so that they become the best versions of themselves.

Our Mission

Pupils epitomise our motto, ‘Vive ut vivas - Live life to the full’; they leave as well-educated, grounded and rounded individuals, able to make a difference in the world. Our pupils are firmly at the heart of all that we do; we take time to identify their needs and their potential talents, supporting them in building their self-confidence, and helping them to turn their aspirations into reality. We provide our pupils with a broad education set within an inspiring, inclusive, and enriching learning environment, prioritising personal growth as highly as academic progress, and preparing them for their future in a technological and diverse world. Our pupils are encouraged to take risks, lead, work collaboratively, develop their resilience, and prioritise wellbeing. Farlington pupils embrace our philosophy of ‘They can, if they try’, thus enabling them to become the best versions of themselves.

Our Core Values

Our mission is expressed through core values that form the guiding principles of everything we do at Farlington.


Celebrate individuality and encourage pupils to be true to themselves, helping them to develop resilience and self-worth. Teachers meet pupils at their point of need, challenging and supporting them to strive for personal and academic excellence.


Confidence leads to participation, and participation leads to success. We encourage pupils to reach beyond the familiar, discover their strengths and recognise opportunity. Horizons are limitless.


Within our community, every pupil is valued as an individual, and each contributes in their own unique way to our fulfilling environment. We recognise the value of a strong partnership with parents so that we can work together to achieve every child’s potential.

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