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Just as you do, we want your child to achieve their very best at Farlington, but more importantly, we want every pupil in our care to be happy.  For this reason, the School has a very strong pastoral vision and a whole school ethos geared towards wellbeing, promoting a positive and holistic approach to good mental health.

In practice, this means that we encourage an engaged and enthusiastic approach to life, from awareness of healthy eating, exercise and relaxation to strategies on how to cope when the examination season hits. The introduction of Wellbeing Representatives from each form ensures that this outlook is filtered throughout the whole school. Activities include a Boast Board and specific events throughout the year.

In recent years the importance of increasing resilience levels in young people has been highlighted and Farlington is proud to say that we are at the forefront of this initiative. From September 2018 we introduced the Penn Resilience Programme throughout the School. This programme is considered the gold standard of resilience training and aims to provide our students with the necessary skills to bounce back from the potential adversities that life may throw at them.

For those pupils who do need extra support, our tutor system, overseen by Heads of Year, ensures that a tailored and individual plan, supporting and meeting the needs of that student, can be set up quickly and efficiently.

At Farlington, you can be confident that throughout their time with us, your child will be supported and encouraged to surpass their own expectations; staff will take time to really get to know and understand the pupils in their care and will work with them to achieve their very best.



Your child's Class Teacher / Form Tutor is a very significant figure in their life as they see them every day; pupils are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have, from small everyday issues to more serious worries should they arise.

In the Senior School, Heads of Year work closely with their team of Form Tutors to ensure that each pupil is settled within their year and working to the best of their ability. The Heads of Year monitor progress, meet parents and attend to routine matters of discipline. They liaise regularly with Mrs Hart, Wellbeing Co-ordinator and Mrs Binns, who is in overall charge of pastoral care within the School.

Current Heads of Year:

Year 7: Miss Cox

Years 8 and 9: Mrs Macleod

Years 10 and 11: Mrs Hart

Sixth Form:  Mrs Binns and Mr Cronin


This is a universal programme delivered in the school setting. It is designed to build young people’s resilience and promote realistic thinking and adaptive coping. Students are taught skills and coping strategies which are designed to contribute towards a number of resilience competencies, such as emotional intelligence and flexible and accurate thinking. Participants also learn techniques for positive social behaviour, including assertiveness and negotiation



Life Skills forms an integral part of the pastoral life of the school, and is taught as part of the curriculum throughout the Prep and Senior School, covering age-appropriate content and issues.

Life Skills is used to provide knowledge and understanding that can help pupils develop skills that they will be able to use throughout their lives. The programme is designed to be taught over several years with appropriate topics for each year group within four main areas:

  • Personal Wellbeing (understanding and developing yourself including your relationship with others),
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Economic Wellbeing (financial capability, the world of work and your choices)
  • Citizenship (knowledge and understanding of the world around you and development of the skills required to be an active citizen).

The content is delivered by Class Teachers, Form Tutors, and internal and external speakers. The delivery of certain Life Skills topics is positioned during the school year to dovetail with the delivery of other relevant topics in other subjects. All subjects will also encourage the development of core values in Life Skills such as honesty, integrity, organisation and the ability to make informed choices.

All pupils have an allocated Life Skills lesson each week.  Some topics are covered in assemblies, providing a platform to encourage self-awareness and confidence.


Farlington works closely with the Hope Counselling charity, and a qualified, independent counsellor is in school once a week to support pupils who have a need to speak to them. 


Farlington Medical Centre is staffed by two qualified nurses, who provide health care for all boarding pupils and first aid for day pupils. The nurse is on duty between 8.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday and there is an emergency on call service for the boarding pupils at all other times during the school term.

Any pupil feeling unwell should inform their supervising member of staff who will arrange for them to attend the Medical Centre as necessary. The duty nurse will identify the necessary care/support and will, if necessary, contact the parents/guardians.



Food is VERY important at Farlington and our school caterers, Harrisons, certainly do us proud, dishing up a wide variety of tasty food every day for the whole school community.

Please note that we are a nut-free school.


  • Pre-Prep children are given a healthy snack which includes fruit and milk.
  • Prep and Senior pupils are welcome to bring in their own healthy snack of choice.


Lunch is served in The Trina Mawer Hall where pupils can choose from a hot or salad option. Vegetarian, vegan and other dietary requirements are well catered for. Freshly made soup and bread are also served daily. There is a delicious choice of either fruit or dessert. 

Harrisons, our on-site caterers ensure meals are nutritious and healthy. Mealtimes are staggered to avoid any queues.

Please click here to learn more about our onsite caterers