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The Learning Platform is Farlington’s first-class virtual learning environment and is powered by Google Classroom. It has a railway theme to represent the exciting learning journeys that our students set off on each day. Year 7 pupils sign up to The Learning Platform on their Chromebook in their first Computing lesson and accept invitations to all the destinations for subjects they are taught. 

Pupils access their eeBooks (electronic evidence books) via those destinations where teachers will also stream details of homework, reminders, resources and carefully selected Youtube clips. Pupils will also find details of the curriculum, as well as recommended websites. Besides being ideal for Chromebooks, The Learning Platform can also be viewed on smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs meaning that pupils can be in touch with their learning when and how they choose.

The Learning Platform at Farlington is an efficient and up-to-date way of learning and communicating. Pupils can also comment on posts and ask questions, which means that learning can also be a shared experience outside the classroom. The Learning Platform is also used for whole school messages, which can be found via the Assemblies & Notices destination, and there are other destinations such as Book World, where our Librarian announces new arrivals and makes recommendations, and students can post their own book reviews.