GCSE (Years 10 & 11)

Farlington offers an extensive, varied and challenging curriculum at GCSE.

Everyone is entered for English Language (*and the majority for English Literature). There is also an English as a Second Language alternative for our international students. Mathematics is of course studied by everyone, as are all three Sciences (although there is the choice to be entered for either a double or triple award).

In addition, students select four subjects from the GCSE choices available, to ensure that they have a balanced programme. Therefore the standard total number of GCSEs taken at Farlington ranges from nine to 11.

Subjects offered are:

  • Essential subjects: English Language; English Literature*; Mathematics; Science (dual or triple award)
  • Creative & Expressive choices: Drama & Theatre; Fine Art; Music; Physical Education
  • Social Science choices: Geography; History; Religion, Philosophy & Ethics; Sociology
  • Language choices: French; German; Latin; Spanish
  • Extra-curricular choice: Italian

You can find details of each individual subject offered on our GCSE Curriculum MicroSite.