GCSE (Years 10 and 11)

For a smaller school, Farlington offers an extensive, varied and challenging curriculum at GCSE.

Everyone is entered for English Language (and the majority for English Literature), Maths and Science, and for Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (which is a ‘short course’ meaning it is worth half a GCSE).

In addition, students select four subjects from the Choices available, giving a total of 9½, which is standard at Farlington. However, for those who would like their total number of GCSEs to be in double figures, students are encouraged to take up Italian as an additional language.

Subject on offer include:

  • Essential subjects: English Language, English Literature*, Mathematics, Science (dual award), Religion, Philosophy & Ethics
  • Creative & Expressive choices: Drama & Theatre, Fine Art, Music, Physical Education, Textile Design
  • Social Science choices: Geography, History, Psychology, Sociology
  • Language choices: French, German, Latin, Spanish
  • Additional choice: Science (triple award)
  • Extended-day choice: Italian

You can find more details on the individual subjects on our Curriculum MicroSites.