New libraries for the Prep School

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7 May 2021

Any parents who have children in Prep 1, or those who have perhaps picked up their children from after-school care from the Reception or Prep 1 classrooms, will have noticed a change in the cloakroom areas.

In preparation for our two Reception classes from September, there has been some exciting work happening in the Pre-Prep area of the school - the wall between the cloakrooms has been removed, to allow easy access between the two Reception classes, and the new - and rather spacious - cloakroom can now be found in what was the Pre-Prep Library.

"So, where is the Pre-Prep Library now?", we hear you ask. Our beautiful new Pre-Prep Library is now in what was the old Prep Library (which has taken up residence in sparkly new surroundings opposite the Prep School Office). Due to the size of the new Pre-Prep Library, we are also able to have a 'quiet work' area for next year’s Reception children.

This is all very exciting and everyone is looking forward to what next year has in store!