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Exam Results & Destinations

‘The outgoing Upper Sixth have been an amazing group of students to work with and I am delighted that all their efforts have been rewarded. It is wonderful to see these ambitious young people taking the next step and following their dreams. They have bright futures ahead of them!’ Headmistress

A Level Results 2019

Another successful year for Farlington! With 48% of all grades at A/A* and a 100% pass rate.

University Destinations 2019

University of Gloucestershire

(L516) Health and Social Care

(S36) University of St Andrews

(V350) Art History

(B78) University of Bristol

(B112) Applied Anatomy

(L79) Loughborough University

(B151) Human Biology

(N84) University of Nottingham

(B400) Nutrition

UCA Epsom 

Art Foundation course

(L34) University of Leicester

(M900) Criminology

(N84) University of Nottingham

(A100) Medicine BMBS (Nottingham/Derby pathway)

(E84) University of Exeter

(W400) Drama

(N84) University of Nottingham

(1L22) Criminology and Sociology

(D26) De Montfort University

(W291) Game Art

(S21) Sheffield Hallam University

(H301) Mechanical Engineering with a Foundation Year

(L14) Lancaster University

(H300) Mechanical Engineering

(U80) UCL (University College London)

(L100) Economics

(L23) University of Leeds

(NG31) Actuarial Mathematics

(U65) University of the Arts London

(2P45) Fashion Pattern Cutting

(U65) University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion)

Foundation Course

(O66) Oxford Brookes University

(LL36) Anthropology/Sociology

(N84) University of Nottingham

(TV71) American Studies and History

(N84) University of Nottingham

(F103) Chemistry with an International Study Year

(N21) Newcastle University

(L300) Sociology

(B16) University of Bath

(NN34) Accounting and Finance

(D86) Durham University

(C107) Biosciences

(K24) University of Kent

(B942) Biomedical Science with a Sandwich Year

(E56) University of Edinburgh

(K100) Architecture

(C15) Cardiff University

(BC9R) Biomedical Science (Including Professional Training Year)

(L14) Lancaster University

(L700) Geography

(S36) University of St Andrews

(G101) Mathematics