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We are delighted to confirm that from September 2021 Farlington will be fully co-educational, with boys in every Year Group.

Right from the very start, Farlington's move to co-education received the backing of pupils, parents and staff alike. Our school has long been associated with providing an excellent, balanced and all-round education to girls, and we are delighted to be able to extend this provision to include boys. Our current boys are thriving and we look forward to welcoming boys into every Year Group from September 2021.

Our move to co-education makes Farlington the only co-educational independent school for ages 4 to 18 in the Horsham area.

We appreciate that there may be questions surrounding this exciting development, and hope that the responses below will help. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department, who will be happy to help you.

Which Year Groups are welcoming boys?

From September 2021, boys will be welcome to join all Year Groups.

How do your existing students feel about the move to co-education?

The overwhelming feeling is one of excitement about the future and optimism about the positive changes co-education will bring.

Will this affect the number of school places available?

The total number of school places available will not change. One of the key benefits of Farlington is that, as a smaller school, every child is personally known and valued for the contribution they make to our community. We believe this adds huge value to the very special educational experience here.

What do you expect the girl/boy ratio to be over the next few years?

We expect a gradual transition to a fully co-educational environment, with boys making up around 50% by 2024.

Will class sizes increase as a result of the changes?

No they will not. We will still retain our smaller class sizes because our excellent pupil:teacher ratio is a crucial part of the Farlington learning experience.

Will the changes affect after-school clubs?

We constantly review our after-school clubs and ensure that they suit the needs of all.

Will the changes affect the selection and Scholarship process for school places?

All pupils, regardless of gender, will be selected on their own individual merit. Scholarships are also awarded on merit and the application process will not change.

Will the school be providing separate toilet and shower facilities for boys and girls?

The current provision meets regulations and best practice for boys and girls.

Will the pastoral care change?

We have a very experienced and dedicated pastoral team. All pupils, regardless of gender, will be treated as individuals and their pastoral needs will be fully met.

Do the staff have experience of teaching in a co-educational environment?

There is a wealth of co-educational experience amongst staff across the entire school. 

Will subject choices change in the Middle School and Senior School?

We do not believe that there are any subjects which are off limits to any gender  our ethos is centered around the individual. We offer a broad range of subjects and regularly review our provision; this will not change. 

How many male staff do you have and do you need more?

We have many male teachers across the school, and male support staff too. 

Where are male boarders going to sleep?

All of our boarders are accommodated under the same roof, and both boys and girls are able to share the communal areas such as the kitchens, office and TV room, which we believe greatly enhances the feeling of being part of a family. Bedrooms remain in separate parts of the Boarding House, with an overnight alarm set each evening on the door separating boys' and girls' accommodation. Boys’ accommodation is off limits to girls at all times, and vice versa: girls’ accommodation is off limits to boys at all times.

Are you going to be investing in the facilities?

Of course! Our mission is to deliver the very best educational experience and this will involve investment in facilities over time.

Will you have a Head Boy and a Head Girl from now on?

We will continue to have two Head Students. These highly regarded and important positions will, as always, be awarded on merit.

How do you expect to maintain balance in the classroom?

Our skilled teachers manage the classroom environment so that everyone has equal opportunity, regardless of gender. We have highly qualified, specialist staff, excellent resources and small classes, which enable this to be effectively and easily managed across all Year Groups.