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I am delighted to welcome you to our website, which will give you an insight into all of the wonderful things that happen at Farlington each and every day.  

Farlington is an independent day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 4 to 18, located just outside Horsham, on the borders of West Sussex and Surrey.

A Farlington education can be summed up in our three core values: 
IndividualityOpportunity and Community. Individuality is celebrated, opportunities abound, and every member of the school is recognised as a valued and valuable member of our tight-knit community

We are intentionally, and proud to be, a smaller school where strong friendships are forged, where the emphasis is on respect for others, teamwork and collective responsibility. At Farlington, every student has a voice, an opportunity to shine, and is encouraged to participate. Our friendly, cohesive community and positive pupil-to-teacher ratio foster an environment where ambition is never stifled, where existing talents are honed and new ones are discovered, where inquisitive minds are developed and where students grasp every opportunity that comes their way. ALL our students are given the time, space and confidence to think for themselves, to pursue their personal goals, and to make a positive contribution to the school. Students are encouraged to be bold and aim high, take risks, and challenge themselves; parents can be secure in the knowledge that their child is doing this in an environment where pastoral care and student wellbeing are firmly at the heart of all we do. When they leave us, our students are confident, happy and well-rounded – and prepared for and excited by the future that awaits them. 

I truly believe this is a wonderful time to join Farlington – after 124 years of providing an exceptional education to girls, we are now delighted to be fully extending this provision to boys. Our move to co-education in no way changes our values or our principles, but instead enables us to become the only 4-18 co-educational school in the Horsham area. We would love for your family to become part of our story as we enter this exciting new chapter. 

I hope this gives you a flavour of what a Farlington education can offer, and it encourages you to come and visit us; I am confident that when you do, you will discover a school where children love learning, participate wholeheartedly and 'live life to the full'.

Louise Higson (BSc, PGCE)

To arrange a virtual tour of the school or a Skype meeting with the Headmistress, please contact Louise Mursell, Head of Admissions, on:

01403 282573

Celebrating Individuality

Parent Testimonial

Bianca Peacock

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@Farlington_Sch · January 15
Huge congratulations to former Year 12 student Adele, one of only 20 British pupils to be named a ‘Star Student’ by ! Here is Adele’s mixed-media piece, ‘Hidden’, which will be exhibited later this year. What an achievement, well done Adele!🙌 😀
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@Farlington_Sch · January 8
This, from a Year 7 parent, means so much ❤️ “A huge well done for such a seamless transition into homeschooling – you have done an incredible job at short notice and our children are lucky to have such a brilliant learning platform"
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@Farlington_Sch Retweeted @BlvueGroup · January 6
'I don't feel that my child has lost out in any way... a heartfelt thank you' - take a look at why 's Virtual School has been receiving high praise!
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@Farlington_Sch Retweeted @Farlington_Sch · January 6
Here we go again! reopened today, and once again we are so proud of the whole Farlington community for working together to make sure learning doesn't stop during lockdown. We've got this!👊
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@Farlington_Sch · January 6
Here we go again! reopened today, and once again we are so proud of the whole Farlington community for working together to make sure learning doesn't stop during lockdown. We've got this!👊
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@Farlington_Sch · January 5
It's the final day of Farlington's ! We hope you have enjoyed seeing the children's artwork. Day 12's festive scene is by Nell in Prep 2
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@Farlington_Sch · January 4
This super Santa was drawn by Ellie in Prep 2 and marks Day 11 of Farlington's 🎅
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@Farlington_Sch · January 3
Day 10 of Farlington's : this fantastic picture is the work of Prep 1 pupil Luca
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@Farlington_Sch · January 2
Day 9 of our is brought to you by Calypso in Prep 1, who drew this lovely cheeky chap
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@Farlington_Sch · January 1
Happy New Year! Here is Day 8 of our : this bright and beautiful bauble was designed by Harry in Reception
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@Farlington_Sch · December 31
We made it! It's , time to finally say and prepare to say . It's also Day 7 of Farlington's , and this celebratory scene was drawn by Sasha in Prep 1
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@Farlington_Sch · December 30
It's Day 6 of our ! 🎄 This colourful masterpiece is the work of Fahis in Prep 1
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