Sixth Form 1


The Sixth Form at Farlington is not just about learning the syllabus to achieve fantastic A-Level results; we are committed to ensuring that every student develops a wide range of different skills that will equip them on their onward journey.

Soft Skills

Whilst academic results are undeniably important, so too are 'soft skills' such as leadership experience, a sense of responsibility, empathy, and an enquiring mind. We passionately believe that these skills carry as much importance as A-Level results when it comes to your future after Farlington. Emotional intelligence will help you to set yourself apart.

Leadership Opportunities

With independence comes responsibility, and as a Sixth Former at Farlington you will lead by example, modelling our school values to younger pupils. Our Sixth Form students are encouraged to act as role models to students lower down the school, and have an important part to play in Farlington life. Developing skills in teamwork and leadership, communication and presentation, problem solving and tolerance, is a vital part of preparing the leaders of tomorrow. 

There are a number of leadership positions within the Sixth Form – Head Students, Prefects, Subject Ambassadors, and Sports and House Captains. If elected to one of these positions, you will play a key role in many activities within the school, and in so doing will contribute to the Farlington leadership. The skills you will learn from these positions and the opportunities arising from them are almost limitless – and will stand you in very good stead for whatever path you take after Farlington.

Trips and Visits

To enhance and enrich the formal learning that takes place in the classroom, trips and visits are organised regularly for Sixth Form students. Where appropriate, field trips and practical work put learning into context.