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Entering the Sixth Form is undoubtedly a key moment in education; this is the bridge from school to university and future ambitions. The learning environment changes significantly when you join Farlington Sixth Form. You will study the subjects that you love and at which you excel, and you will share your lessons with those who have similar interests.

Some students already have a definite career path in mind, others may have a few ideas, whilst some may not yet have decided. Whichever is the case, there is no doubt that Farlington's 24 A-Level qualifications can help to get you to where you want to go!

Full details about the subjects on offer for A-Level at Farlington can be found on our Curriculum MicroSites.

At Farlington, three A-Levels is the norm, and these are studied over a two-year period and examined at the end of the Upper Sixth. It is also possible to study four full A-Levels, or just two; we can offer flexible study routes to suit you as an individual. We highly recommend that most students also take an enrichment qualification to broaden their education and show universities and future employers that they have ‘gone the extra mile’.

Farlington offers three possible 'pathways' in the Sixth Form:

  1. Some A-Level subjects also offer a separate but co-teachable AS qualification at the end of the Lower Sixth. Thus students effectively start off with four A-Levels and exit one course with an AS after one year, leaving more time to concentrate on the three A-Levels they will rely on to get into university. This also offers some flexibility in terms of which subject is dropped.
  2. Alternatively, students may choose the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This additional AS-Level is highly regarded by universities and shows commitment to research and a special area of interest.
  3. In addition to or instead of an AS or EPQ, students may choose a GCSE-level enrichment qualification, namely Italian (taught in two years from scratch). Note that students who do not already have Maths or English GCSE will also need to take these vital subjects.

Whether already at Farlington or considering joining us for Sixth Form, when you become a Farlington Sixth Former you not only have a caring and encouraging environment in which to take your A-Levels but also somewhere to enjoy all the many enrichment opportunities that come with Sixth Form life here.

We take great care to prepare everyone for Sixth Form study through an induction programme, to ensure that you understand the demands of the subjects you have chosen. Your progress will be closely monitored throughout the Sixth Form, so that you can develop an appreciation of your strengths as well as the areas of study that need greater attention. Class sizes vary; they are small enough for individual views to be heard, but large enough to provoke discussion, debate and even argument!

Sixth Formers are encouraged to take responsibility for their own time and success.  Study periods encourage independent learning, and our highly trained staff are there to help and support you in all of your studies and extra-curricular activities.

This hardworking, dedicated and supportive environment encourages students and will prepare you to become a self-motivated learner, providing the perfect transition from school to university.