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The step-up from Year 11 to Sixth Form study can be a challenging one, but staff are on hand to ensure that this transition is as smooth as posisble, and that students' Sixth Form journey is supported both academically and socially.

The process starts in Year 10 with "familiarisation days" in the Sixth Form Centre where students can start to understand the differences between GCSE and A Level study as well as learn more about subjects offered new at A Level.

During Year 11, parents and students are invited to Sixth Form Open events as well as subject information evenings.  This is followed by another Sixth Form Taster event, where Year 11 students get to experience a day in the life of Farlington Sixth Form - sample lessons, as well as spending time in the Common Room and getting used to the "tea and toast" culture!

The learning environment within the Sixth Form Centre is very different and throughout the last years of the Senior School, we will prepare you for these changes.  Sixth Form students need to manage their time, using study periods to prepare for lessons, complete homework and research their areas of study.  Whilst Sixth Form students are well supported by a team of tutors, they also need to learn indepedent study skills that will help them as they move through the Sixth Form and onto university.