Farlington has a very strong pastoral vision. We have a whole school ethos to wellbeing, promoting a positive and holistic approach to good mental health. In practice, this means that we encourage an engaged and enthusiastic approach to life, from awareness of healthy eating, exercise and relaxation to strategies on how to cope when the examination season hits. The introduction of Wellbeing Representatives from each form ensures that this outlook is filtered throughout the whole school. Activities include a Boast Board and specific events throughout the year.

In recent years the importance of increasing resilience levels in young people has been highlighted and Farlington is proud to say that we are at the forefront of this initiative. From September 2018 we introduced the Penn Resilience Programme throughout the School. This programme is considered the gold standard of resilience training and aims to provide our students with the necessary skills to bounce back from the potential adversities that life may throw at them.

For those pupils who do need extra support, our tutor system, overseen by Heads of Year, ensures that a tailored and individual plan, supporting and meeting the needs of that student, can be set up quickly and efficiently.