Farlington School has a strong riding history and our Equestrian Teams both past and present  have a fantastic track record of success.
Farlington is keen to encourage riders of all abilities.  For any enquiries or further information about Riding at Farlington, contact:

Sara Whittaker,Director of Sport
Katy Pocock, Riding Parent Liaison

We are extremely proud of the Farlington Team who under the guidance of Sara Whittaker, Director of Sport  have gone from strength to strength. Competing at NSEA level, the Riding Team is made up of a friendly, yet competitive group of riders across all year groups.  Most of the riders are from the Senior School but we welcome younger riders who are keen to compete.

The Farlington Riding Show is held every year, in March.
Our next show will be held at Merrist Wood.
Click on the download at the bottom of this page for details.

We train as a team, outside of the school grounds on a regular basis.
Our trainer is Simon Luck.  Simon is a highly qualified Chief Pony Club, BHS Instructor and show producer.

Many of our riders attend lessons at Sweetlands Farm Riding School.  The lessons are out of school hours.
By attending the same riding school our young riders get to know each other quickly and firm friendships are formed.
It is also a great way for our parents to get to know each other too.  
More experienced members of the Riding Team are
able to visit our younger riders at Sweetlands, giving them support and encouragement as well.

Contact Sweetlands