A modern approach, which takes advantage of 21st century technology, is key to our education strategy at Farlington. That is why all our pupils from age 7 upwards have their own Chromebook, which they take with them to every academic lesson.

Our Chromebooks, which have a touch-screen as well as a hard keyboard, are durable and flexible and can be used as laptops or tablets. This means that there are many ways that teachers can use them to make lessons exciting, all whilst keeping a close eye on what is happening using our GoGuardian software.

This includes The Learning Platform, powered by Google Classroom, which has a fun, train theme to represent the amazing learning journeys that we take our pupils on every day. At each destination, they find resources such as information sheets, activities, Youtube clips and links to safe places on the Internet. Teachers also post homework and useful reminders, maintaining a narrative with their students both in and out of lesson time.

Whilst keeping up good handwriting skills, and a balance between screen and non-screen time, senior students use ‘Farlington eeBooks’ (Electronic Evidence Books) as their main method for writing and storing their work securely in the cloud – whether that’s at home or at school. What’s more, the various apps on G Suite even allow pupils to work collaboratively on the same document on occasions when teamwork is called for. Our Prep School pupils use their chromebooks for touch typing practice, topic research, collaborative work and interactive learning.

And wherever pupils are, our Chromebooks are protected by strong filters and a powerful firewall, keeping them safe as they discover and learn.