Catalina the Golfer

5 December 2018
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Farlington boarder Catalina, 13, has been taking golf lessons at Horsham Golf. With a handicap of 21, she and her parents were keen that she should continue her sport while she studied in the UK.

Catalina is boarding at Farlington for one term, together with her cousin from Gran Canaria, and is really enjoying her time here. While the rest of her year group are taking double PE, she is taken by Yvonne from the Boarding House to Horsham Golf where she receives private tuition from professional coach, Lewis.

Over the past weeks, she and the pro have worked their way through the full swing, chipping and pitching, as well as putting. She now has a pre-shot routine for all shots, in particular, putting. She has made great improvements to her short game and driving during her time and shown great concentration and dedication during her lessons.

Sara Whittaker, Director of Sport and herself a Sussex county golfer,  said, “Catalina has been a real pleasure to have at Farlington. In her lessons, she always gives her full attention and responds well to information. We always enjoy having our short-term overseas boarders and it has been worth going the extra mile to accommodate her passion. We hope that she might return in the future and we will be keeping a close an eye on her to see her handicap getting lower.”



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