Bioethics Debate

7 February 2019
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The Upper Sixth covered the difficult topic of ethics in Biology. They did this by having a debate around a scenario which involved a 27-year-old man who had been in an accident five years earlier that left him paralysed where he was unable to breathe unaided, walk or move his right hand. He was offered pioneering stem cell treatment that involved producing an embryo that would be a clone of himself and then using these stem cells to attempt to cure him of the paralysis.

Each pair of students was representing the views from different people involved which included the young man, his parents, a pro-life group, the pharmaceutical company offering this treatment, a scientist and the young man’s parents. It was quite a heated debate that brought forward some very valid points.


Image for Amnesty International Workshop
Image for Amnesty International Workshop

Amnesty International Workshop

13 February 2019

On Friday 8th February, Farlington School’s Lower Sixth and Year 10 historians attended an Amnesty International Workshop at Chichester Cathedral…

Image for The Merits of a Smaller Boarding House
Image for The Merits of a Smaller Boarding House

The Merits of a Smaller Boarding House

11 February 2019

It is easy to assume that a big boarding school equals a better boarding experience.  However, this is not necessarily…

Image for Farlington Show
Image for Farlington Show

Farlington Show

6 February 2019

The 2019 Farlington School Show will be held on Saturday 16th March at Merrist Wood Equine Arena, Guildford. The show…